Alina Karimamusama



Recognized as one of Africa’s top 20 most innovative persons by the African Leadership Academy, as well as being the youngest Southern African Leader to graduate from the American Express Leadership Academy, Alina Karimamusama is an award winning social entrepreneur with multiple businesses, an activist, speaker, Queens Young Leader, Awarded associate fellow of The Royal Commonwealth Society, Essence International Festival Ambassador, Award winning film maker, WorldSkills Global Champion, Atlas Corps Fellow, and self-taught award winning chef / former television show host

Her organisation, AfriHer has impacted over 12000 lives of young people and women living in rural/remote and peri-urban settings in Zambia,Africa.

Her innovative solutions to grassroots community challenges have been commended by world leaders and VIPs alike, with Naomi Campbell proclaiming she is inspired by Alina and Prince Harry & Meghan Markle backing her work.

She became one of the youngest leaders to give a keynote speech at the most senior Royal palace in the United Kingdom, St James, for The Queens 70th Platinum Jubilee Fund.

Alina not only graduated, but contributed as well, to an exclusive bespoke program at The University Of Cambridge ICE, which came with awarded recognition from HMJ The Queen Elizabeth II.

She is passionate about innovation, change, and believes that young people are Africa’s key most valuable resource.

She has taught seminars at the University Of Zambia, Sylvia University, Springfield college in Cape Town and was among Africa’s Very Young Entrepreneurs that were asked to share insights at The University of Western Cape.

  • Working with Naomi Campbell
    “You inspire me” Naomi Campbell, speaking on Alina Karimamusama Alina Karimamusama was invited by the Royal Commonwealth Society for an event in the presence of HMJ The Queen Elizabeth II, […]

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